STARK LEGAL is a 21st century fully serviced commercial law firm in Nigeria that has consistently provided legal support to local and international corporate bodies, government agencies, non-government organizations and individuals. Over the years, like the mustard seed, we have grown in leaps and bounds and stayed a step ahead of our contemporaries by constantly challenging ourselves to bring new and original ways of thinking to the most complex challenges our clients face.Forward thinking and commercial in our approach, with significant ‘home-grown’ problem solving experience, we are regarded as the firm of choice for complex and big-ticket transactions and this is attested to by our track record of high value mandates. Our clients choose us because they know we understand the market, their goals and objectives, and offer them the experience, innovation, technical expertise, clarity of advice and full commitment to get their deals done efficiently and most effectively.


Corporate & Commercial Law

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law governs the ownership and accessibility of ideas and inventions on tangible and intangible concepts. At Stark Legal, we advise our clients on various IP matters involving copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.

As a commercially oriented firm with a dedicated team of corporate and finance solicitors, we engage in drafting, negotiating, interpreting and advising clients on IP related agreements, such as non-disclosure agreements and license agreements. We also file and prosecute patent and trademark applications at the Patent and Trademark Registry.

We strive to ensure the business name and good will of our clients are protected from Intellectual Property theft.

Our day-to-day tasks in this department involve an array of activities, from issuing notices to parties infringing on a client’s rights, as well as challenging decisions and rulings to prevent the infringement of our Client’s rights.

Communication & Media

The internet has revolutionized communications and media. Our Communications and Media Department caters to a variety of regulatory, and litigation disputes within Nigeria, as well as other issues relevant to the media industry, such as legal regulation of the telecommunications industry, information technology, broadcasting, advertising, the entertainment industry, censorship, and internet and online services among others.

Our team of solicitors at Stark Legal provide counsel on a range of issues incidental to the operation of communication companies, including labor and employment law, talent contracts, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, antitrust law and intellectual property law.

We advise our clients on the entire regulatory spectrum of communication, ICT and media law with great emphasis on the essential practical and analytical skills in the continuously developing field.

Real Estate

Property law practice in Nigeria is vast. It spans various transactions from property acquisition and leasing, to probate and estate administration. Due to the existence of multifaceted Nigerian cultures and legal system, there are a wide range of existing laws and regulations governing real estate practice in Nigeria. Stark Legal is well positioned to assist our clients seamlessly navigate these transactions such as:

  • the acquisition and disposal of all types of interest in real estate from transactions involving property portfolios to discrete sales and purchases
  • every aspect of development including estate planning, environmental permits, construction and property taxation issues
  • real estate finance, advising owners, lenders, borrowers, equity investors, lead managers and others on all aspects of financing, secured lending and securitization.

Labour & Employment

Stark Legal handles employment advisory and litigation for both businesses and individuals. Common employment cases include contract disputes, wrongful termination claims, and compensation and benefits disputes. We remain up to date with the nuances often found in employment contracts, employee handbooks, severance agreements, and other employment documents.

We assist our corporate clients in the review of their employment contract and employee handbook to adequately cover terms pertaining to:

• Salary and compensations
• Benefits, such as stock-options, retirement plans, and health insurance coverage
• Employee codes of conduct
• Immigration
• Confidentiality agreement
• Non-compete agreements
• Redundancy
• Termination policies